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No Surcharge on Public Holidays

Tired of paying the extra 15% or 20% for your coffee, sandwich or steak on a public holiday?

Then look no further, this directory provides a list of places to eat or drink that have no-surcharge on a public holiday.

You can search by location or type of business, to find just what you need to satisfy your cravings. If you know of any other places that don't charge extra, you can nominate them to be listed, by sending us their name.

The No-Surcharge app is available from both iTunes and the Google Play stores. This means that you can find no-surcharge places while you're on the go.

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Are you in the hospitality industry and looking for a place to promote the fact that you don't charge extra on public holidays?

Then you've found the right place. This website has been set up to enable cafes and restaurants to actively promote their no-surcharge policy. Each business can register their business for FREE! Other information including links with Google maps and contact details are included in the Basic Membership Level.

You can upgrade this listing, by registering for a Silver Level Membership. This is priced at $20 for the year and entitles you to be listed at the top, when a user searches for your town or city.

For an even greater impact you can register for a Gold Membership Level, priced at $200 per year.This level of membership ensures that your business is advertised on the front page of the website, even before a user searches for a particular location.

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